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335 - Implants and Sports

First I want to congratulate the deaf in the cities of Palma de Mallorca, San Sebastian, Zaragoza and Getafe, to save himself and continue in the First Division Football.
For the deaf in Galicia, La Coruña especially my sympathy to them because the Deportivo La Coruna has dropped to second division. A pity, because it is a historical team after 20 years in the First Division, sorry.
Apart from the Football League because it's over and you Dicisión First we remove the worries after continuous attention, vibration and various fears. We've sweated. Although now continues the Second Division.
The issue, in which we emphasize objective is to talk about implants and sports.
Sorry for this sign. I ask that no offense, no offense because if I make this sign is because I consider it logical. Many say the implant well, some of it this way, but ...
I speak clearly. Consider the purity is as sign language and is just as indicated.
Why, I ask where is the cochlea? Where's your head?, Here and here, in ls ears.
Operations ... Where are they to place the implant? Here and is called a cochlear implant yes or no? Yes, of course. So the sign is this, not this one: brain implant. Not in the brain .. No. It is in the ear and so, after looking at books and the dictionary is logical that point behind the ear.
I'm sorry but it is, with the purity of sign language.
Beyond this, it is not the issue objetiovo. The theme is the implanted wonder can play sports? Alto, sports say no "soft" or "easy", such as table tennis, tennis, darts, bocce, dominoes, chess, ludo ... no. I'm talking about serious and tough sports like football, basketball, rugby, cycling, etc.
In football there is a danger of bumping heads or receiving a kick. In basketball there is the danger, in plays, with elbows to the head. Cycling in huy! In falls where bouncing the body and head shakes.
I believe the future of sport for the deaf in Spain, and the world too, may disappear.
Why?, More and more implemented and, for exam `what if I were president (before and I was, you know it, now I'm nothing), if I were president of a sports federation, athletes do not admit with implants. No.
You know that in the ICSD (formerly called CISS and changed AHRO by ICSD), there are rules in the Statute. One point that says to play in the Olympics or world tournaments organized by the ICSD, hearing devices are prohibited at games. Are prohibited and must be removed.
We also have the implanted devices since they can be removed, as we know, but ...
What about the inside? What if one day have an encounter with the head? It would take him to hospital with serious problems. What?
After the family suffer because denounce in court demanding damages ... suffer the papers, discussions ... I do not accept that man! Do you understand?
By the way, that's a problem to be studied. Apart from this, also ask: why have created the implant?
I think that having hearing from small appliances, cords auqneu formerly with the device in his pocket, so great and that advancing the time were declining to appear after ear headphones.
I ask again, because life today is very advanced, we twenty-first century technology and has experience, a lot of advanced technology ... why do good and good headphones?
Inside or outside the ear, as you like, good and good to match the implant or better than implants? Why not fight to do so? Headphones implants better than why not?
I say this because they suffer the interventions to register the devices ... hmmm!
There are three things: the implant, the device and the magnet. Three things for what? With a single instrument can, being tired, take it off. To take it off and is completely free and you can do sports, you want to, dangerous or not dangerous. Ductile, such as darts or bocce. Or the rugby at home.
Well, we want to know why they have not.
We know how much the hearing aids whistle and the implant does not, but good.
I am not against the implant, because it is a freedom of everyone who wants to do with your body. I wash my hands.
Per I do not, you might think by age, finally, I do not like anything, I personally do not like it.
My opinion is free.
Why implants? ... I'll tell a story:
I had a friend when I was young, and lived Angel Calafell, that of the long beards that many have known, and was president of the Mutual.
Inside was a voice, my friend. That vocal live in Badalona, ​​forgiveness lived, lived in Badalona and whose sign identifying remember correctly, I forgot your name too, but it was a strong kid with a mustache and glasses, brown hair.
He told me before when he lived, told me he was going to volunteer at a clinic for surgery of the ears. Again and again, he said he paid the support, what he did was like being a guinea pig.
Well, it was their problem.
Was frequently, until one day I went to the Mutual, and after greeting deaf friends asked him. No one knew anything ... Until I learned much later that he had died by the operations of the ears, of the two. He died because it affected the brain.
Disappeared long ago that when they were pioneering studies of operations and do you understand? Now that does not happen, it was before ...
All this gave me a strong impression that I was marked in the memory. To me.
Thereafter, make two or three years I was in Ceuta, where I was born, and stayed two years working in the newspaper as proof of stay in the same city where I was born. With friends, family and everything.
Well, in those two years I met a deaf man who still lives in Ceuta.
He explained that he had already been implemented but in a year or two broke down and left the implant. Did not want him because he broke his head.
It's normal, normal to want to hear, I agree it should encourage them, but they think that late age is very difficult. Hear well with the implant, yes I agree, but the brain does not coordinate. There is no coordination ... why?
The brain has not been brought up in the words sound and suddenly receiving all ... it takes a long time to adapt and taught by speech therapists to learn how words sound.
Implemented may be that many believe they are much better and perfect. Yes, I agree, yes, yes. Because they would have traces of hearing before being operated and implemented and then hear perfectly. I agree because I have experience in capturing the sounds and the brain are well coordinated.
But some who talk about how great that hearing, in accordance but ... I recently met a girl who has a cochlear implant and talk (you know sign language) and knew sign language ... has not lost the implant? Well let that pass.
That girl speaks very well and was on the computer while I was talking behind their backs, I was with a woman listener. Ell spoke and turned around thinking I was talking with another woman listener. It was not like I was speaking to her and of course I do not understand anything. Hear the voice, yes, but the phrases "?. No.
Why the implant, then? Okay, enough! No more talk about this.
I ask everyone not enfande when I speak of the implant, because it is, here in the brain.
You can indicate that sign, I respect you because everyone has their way of expression with your hands.

I have only intended to ask how well you think the implants can participate in sports competition series?
Can you? "After you become responsible if something happens ...? You have to go to court, discutior with relatives, hmmm!, All that is in questions.
It is a pity because the implanted grow, if everyone is talking about, if all they hear ... the Olympics for the Deaf will disappear.
Why?, All deaf now living will be more major sport "will do the same? "International competitions? Mmmm, I doubt it.
In an age that will say enough is enough, football, basketball, etc.. Enough is enough ... The body will not hold more.
It should open the door to young people, but if young people have implants ... participate in these sports I doubt it.

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