lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

330 - On the press conference Deaflympics

Today I will talk about the press conference
I have been hasty in calling this press conference.
They have offered a clearer version of what they want with that press conference.
I do not know politicians. Not just with words but with deeds and documents.
So far only have made a city charter and sight unseen.
I was surprised, because, as previously claimed 8,000,000 euros ($ 1,331,088,000 of the old pesetas) which asked the City Council, now comes the president of the FEDS stating that at first demanded EUR 40,000,000 (6655 .440.000 old pesetas) and then declined.
To fall back.
Otherwise. In Spain there is no Deaf Olympic Committee. Yes there Paralympic Committee that is affiliated with the FEDS.
Therefore, the only one who can organize the Olympic Games Paralympic Committee, as it has five national federations (in Spain), and is recognized by the BOE in 1993.
That in 2017 25 years are met in Barcelona 92 ​​Olympics, has nothing to do with what is to be organized.
We'll see. For a municipality to grant approval to present Olympic bid must take into account the income generated Summer Olympics.
The deaf, their 'Olympics' never exceed 10,000 persons and that sells nothing compared to the 8,000,000 euros to be sought.
That does not interest either the City or the state.
What Slovenia has nothing to do. It's another thing.
But the failure of the Winter Games for the Deaf in Slovenia, has been meditating on the feasibility of granting authorization for the candidacy of summer of 2017 at Barcelona. Logical.
I stand by what I said in my previous video.
If you want to host an Olympics, you must do so within the Paralympic Committee, separating the rest of handicapped deaf. Since Paralympic Committee is the only still has the support of governments, while the DSCR does not have the support of most of the international Olympic committees.
It's a risky bet for any government agency.
In the press conference have not clarified anything, only marginal words that do not lead to anything good.
Have you submitted documents that you support from the State Government to the Government?, We have not seen any. Only a letter from the City Council that does not mean anything.
What has made the city of Barcelona is right. Have studied the feasibility of the request to submit application and have said no. It did not have to be met with the Organizing Committee of the nomination because there is not yet officially approved by the Government. Not recorded in any BOE.
You have done a lot of illusions without knowing anything about it, just the idea of ​​EUR 40,000,000 by 8,000,000 and then changed from the figure of something weird. Because the difference is great and it opens the eyes of anyone.
Well, I just want you to have luck on Thursday, but I advise you, not around where you must fight. You must meet with the Paralympic Committee and speak clearly.
Anyway, I warn you again. You walk the wrong way.

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