lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

329 - Deaflympics candidacy possible failure


Today I will talk about a very important focus for the Deaf Olympics in 2017.
But first I want to express that today I will speak no intention of harming anyone, just going to explain the reasons why I talk this way.

I hope not offend anyone, because it's true I'm going to talk like that.
Already commented in a video blog, about a year and a half, he doubted that it could hold the Olympics in Barcelona for the Deaf, 2017.
Before easily explained what he saw irregular. Now I will speak out of three important things.
First: To organize a bid for the Deaf Olympics, summer, good in 2017, prepare well, well, everything.
As in Spain for years that sports are never serious, really, for example, soccer leagues, basketball leagues, swimming, athletics and several more officially and seriously ... not as groups of friends who come to play a game without training or anything ...
Any authority to see that, doubt his seriousness.
Well, as I said before, to organize a candidate to be well done, as well as for example, created an organizing committee for the nomination, no Olympic Organizing Committee, NO. For the candidate that is another matter.
The organizing committee of the bid for the Deaf Olympics in Barcelona 2017, should first contact the Spanish Paralympic Committee, where talk meeting and presented the project of Barcelona's candidacy.
Already studied by the Spanish Paralympic Committee, is passed to the Spanish Olympic Committee, which would hear the draft Barcelona's bid to develop the Deaflympics in 2017.
If the Spanish Olympic Committee that looks good, give notice to the Government of Spain, not of Catalonia, in Spain it communicates.
If the Government of Spain would examine the project and approval, then the papers would go to the Government, the General Secretariat of Sports, which scrutinize and if you look good, they approve. Not support it. Condone what is different.
Once approved, all that, then go to the city of Barcelona where they would contact, they talk and presented the project application.
If the City agrees, it should approve, NO SUPPORT, IF APPROVED, with papers sealed.
This is the first part.
The second: so far only been introduced this deaf leaders themselves speaking, lecturing, bloggers, much more. Neither the government nor representatives of the Paralympic Committee, nor the representatives of the Olympic Committee nor the Secretary General of Sports of the Generalitat de Catalunya, have spoken anything about it.
Only single words of support and assistance ... nothing else. But not in a formal meeting, the full City Council, which speaks of the issue and try to cooperate formally with the Organising Committee Barcelona's bid for the Summer Olympic Games for the Deaf, 2017.
Therefore, if there are no documents to support this project, there is nothing approved. Only promises of support. This support is not the same as approving a proposed Olympic bid. "Sure?
The third point: You, Deaf sports leaders from Spain and do written protestáis launched soon, on May 16, the media (press, radio and television) to denounce the marginalization protest ... no.
It's a misstep, which can affect relationships in the future.
Why? First know that "All who made propaganda?, sports leaders themselves deaf, they have spoken without official backing, sealed and demonstrated.
Without it, they have spoken on their own, each leader deaf sports in Spain and Catalonia.
Blame it on themselves, who spoke lying. This may be lying or may not be.
But never has to talk to and is approved if there is no documentation to support that if approved by the Government or the City Council.
Third place: the economic ... the Committee has said it has substantially reduced the budget to EUR 8,000,000.
Would you have thought? A City Hall will give you 8,000,000 dollars? What a representative body of the deaf who have never done competitive sport every week?
Think about that. Parties do once in a long time in football I have heard it is scarce. Well ... That?, Authorities look with a magnifying glass long before adopting a financial thing.
But as it is poorly planned, the organizing committee of the bid for the Summer Olympic Games for the Deaf, 2017 ... and have exaggerated advertising for all deaf people in Spain believe it. I still do not believe it, and I doubt, they give you to organize all that.
Why? It brings bad planning: TOTAL FAILURE.
You do not have wished to have people who have experience in the sports world, the opposite: hate. Do not you want to view and ask, do not want to join then.
You have no experience in the world of sport, both as listeners deaf.
You are not going the right direction. Your route now is a little crooked and careful, because maybe in the future it hundáis. We must tread carefully. No abuse to authorities and other acts of marginalization ... NO.
The City Council never approved the bid to Barcelona, ​​has never been adopted. It has only supported and encouraged to see if it will or will not.
It is normal that the Provincial de Barcelona, ​​Barcelona City Council follow regarding the Olympics. If one says no, the other will say no. It's normal.
Things are not as easy as you imagine, deaf sports leaders.
Things are systematically complicated, very difficult to do well, it should have experience in sports and sports event planners.
Sorry. Ye look through the glass of another color as your eyes. I see it very clear from the beginning I warned, I said. That is not going to win anything.
Mainly because it is normal in Spain there is no seriousness in the sport of the deaf, honestly serious, no.
With improvisation remember a day such a meeting, this will be another day. That's not ... I will not explain further. Everything is said and attention! All deaf leaders in the sports world, this failure hurts. It hurts more when I have already warned that goes astray. Anyway.

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