lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

331 - Deaflympics event

Today I want to clarify many things.
First: We are not, InfoSord TV, at war with anyone. Only just give us real information of things happening.
If many believe or not believe, gives us the same, only inform.
As many of you know, I am the founder of the FEDS (when Peñacoba was many years struggling to create the Federation, and then chaplain asked me to take responsibility and I managed to create in two months, many presidents signed before a notary Sports Clubs I say true) and much of it.
Spain participated in the Sports Games for the Deaf in Bulgaria, with sixty athletes and the Sports Council gave us a grant and participation in international tournaments, never as participation in Olympics because it recognized the Deaf Olympics. Is that clear?
For that and other things I have experienced what I mean.
As Guillem Carles only ask you have respect and to say "No war between 3 leaders and that" ... 'it' has a name: that INFOSORD TV, so more respect.
If you say that bear three years in the Bid Organizing Committee ... how come there is no official document that recognizes that committee?

I consulted the National Sports Council ... NOTHING OFFICIAL ABOUT Deaflympics.

Instead of the Spanish Paralympic Committee is a lot of documents, like this one that I will show you: have a very good organization on the development of Paralympic sports. Deaf people have nothing.
It is important to be included in the ADOP (supporting Paralympic Sport Goal) because many companies give money for it.

They are preparing soon, London (England) after the Olympics and the Paralympics in 2012, already knows that officially have already prepared the grant in full.
The deaf, for Deaflympics have nothing.

Again, the Higher Sports Council there is no record of the Olympic Games for the Deaf in any year. Only the Paralympic Games since Rome in 1960 to Beijing 2008. Therefore there is no legal basis to warrant a nomination.

Another very important thing. Members of the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games Bid for the Deaf Summer 2017 in Barcelona, ​​has started the cart before the horse.

It is normal to wait until September in Rome to see if the ICSD provides the organization of the Olympic Games and then ask for money and approval.
It is the obligation to go to Rome with all confirmed and well resolved.

Advise sports leaders who have the Organizing Committee to show the public the documents say. Show him and let him read who can read.
They will not convince us with words and more words. Show documents.
Or at least a senior member of Government or the Government confirm that approves the nomination in front of everyone.

I do not understand how you talk about integration, you never want bringing back.

I do not understand that talk of the illusion of young players you never organizáis school sports championships, where athletes may leave future.

Afirméis not understand that there are 5,000 athletes already confirmed to come to Deraflympics 2017 if there is still no guarantee. Will be that those 5,000 athletes would like to come to Barcelona, ​​which is another thing.
'm Talking in this way but it is what it is.
For the Government to support the deaf Olympic sport, you must participate with the Spanish Paralympic Committee, why are integrated Pedro Manuel García Sanz, Raquel Moreno Solovera Nieves, Marisol Gonzalez Acedo and Javier Soto Rey?

If both say that you support young athletes ... do it for them! And do not do as they're doing ... for yourselves.
What's interview with Jordi Hereu, my friend than my boss, it's funny because Jordi Hereu has spoken on his own and what you caught in a political commitment (rally), but Jordi Hereu is unable to convince companies give money if you do not have the support of HPOD.
The agreements are available in conference tables official documents, not on the street.
Carles says that I'm not there ... no need to me. My relationships with institutions and there are plenty enough for me to be informed of everything. Still, I need not vote no because I do not show anything. I have enough to InfoSord.
On the other hand, I do not speak ill of anyone, only informed of things as they are. I told you at first is not my intention to offend anyone. Just say the logic of things.

In short, you follow the wrong path.

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