lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

333 - Deaflympics and Greece

Now speak of Greece. The news came after days of advertising, from the troubles of Greece for the debt, although it is not clear how much.
Europe supports Greece for the country from falling into the abyss of danger. This helps give a little break to Greece, which can be short because ...
"You know that when the euro appeared, broke the world economy. With the wars as well. Previously, each country had its currency and rallied in Europe, in the euro, was that some countries did not have sufficient capacity to overcome that economy: Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy (but also slightly less).
That happens because of capitalism, creating the euro broke all the schemes of the countries.
Germany and France had the power of capitalism and these are now sent in Europe, while other countries are not strong enough, in economics, to lead.
Aid to countries with European bank funds, which Germany and France support with their money, sinking more and more to other countries.
Greece has already received financial aid, it does not. It was useless.
Now the second opportunity to receive financial assistance and insurance later again sink.
Why sink? Why? Banks that give them the money makes them assume the risk premium.
The risk premium, covers people who invest their money (investors), is very high and the ministries of each country must repay the debt and repay the debt they do with interest too high for the country to sink capital more.
This problem is difficult to solve, because each time, more and more assume the greed, the desire to become rich immediately immense (speculation) and this affects the countries.
Fortunately, Spain is a big country, a country is mediating between the third world and Europe.
Here's help in hiding, not shown publicly.
Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, etc. are small countries whose production is not enough to overcome the rest of the level of the economy and that greatly affects the other countries except Germany and France because they have the power of capital.
This problem affects the deaf who participate in Olympic Games.
Why? Apart from the hearing world, sport, for example, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not recognize the ICSD and that affects a lot because capital is diverted towards another called Paralympic Committee.
The International Paralympic Committee does receive financial aid officer, because it is recognized as a sports committee, while the hearing impaired is not yet recognized as a separate Committee and is separated. You do not receive capital support clear?
In this issue you can find a solution to contact with other committees and speak clearly with the Government. Stop.
I now explain why deaf leaders are closed and withdrawn into information. Why? The Government, local councils, federations of listeners, the provincial political parties ... never shut things are going to do for the benefit of all people. It's easy to just looking at web pages, then informs entirely on what you are doing. From the Congress of Spain, with the minutes of meetings, discussions, debates, all, are reported. Less deaf why?
The CNSE not well informed of what he does, I shut everything and that's not good. This is a democracy and here we must know everything about how to be confident.
If you do not report, we give less confident and less participation going.
There should be a clear transparency in information, with this transparency, everyone will be happy because we know how things work in the CNSE, the sports federations of Spain and Catalunya Sports Federation.
That in the deaf world, more than being locked into ghettos, is also closed at the level of information.
As a journalist I want everything to be open, all information in the service of the deaf who need that information, to talk, to find out opinions and to learn to criticize.
In a country with a democratic state with freedom of expression and freedom of opinion, everyone has to be informed.
Just ask transparency in leading organizations of the deaf. Do not keep quiet the things that are discovered over time and that will hurt both leaders deaf and deaf to them.
Now I want to talk about something else very important Application form Organizer for the Deaflympics.
"The presidents of federations in the Committee? NO
Be separate, they work in their federation with the aim to train players and athletes, so that in the future from entering the Olympic teams.
The president of the FEDS can not be inside the Organizing Committee, his work is in the Federation, like the president of the Catalan Federation of the Organizing Committee "within? NO. Them apart.
Just as employees who work on their federations, not the Committee. NO. Or any member of the Federation can not hold two offices. NO
No Olympic Committee authorizes it. Can only be in some Olympic Committee meetings to inform how they work, how they can participate, players and athletes. They can not hold two positions, is prohibited and are incompatible. Is that clear?

The Organizing Committee and the nomination must be made by persons outside the Federations and ... well, I'm a little surprised that the president of the FESOCA (Catalan Federation of the Deaf) is within the Committee What does it look?
That does not paint anything, can not occupy a cultural federation, labor, social action sports.
That does not count. It is best if you want to engage in organizing the Olympic bid, should resign as president of the Federation and get to work.
Like Martinez, Garcia and Munoz also ...
The three must resign from their positions in the federations to take the OC.
In the history of the Olympics, no president has made a Bid Organizing Committee and Olympic Committee of the Deaf, none.
It is the first time, and in Spain, they do so and that is very rare.
There are many dark things, ask why transparency in procedures and ways of working of the Federations.

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